Why Are Annual Home Maintenance Inspections important?

It may not seem like it, but your home can be considered a living thing: it ages, wears out and its interconnected systems need to be maintained regularly for it to survive. Much like the human body, the different systems of your home must be checked regularly to ensure that they’re not suffering from any sort of debilitating condition. In the case of your home, you’ll need a doctor to make house calls annually: the doctor being a Certified Professional Home Inspector who can inspect your home from top to bottom, troubleshoot its symptoms and get to the root of any underlying problems that there may be. Most would agree that Home Inspections are an essential part of maintenance because they help with the early detection of problems, keeping them from escalating into larger more costly issues.

What Should be Inspected?

Here are a few of the vital systems that your Home Inspector will inspect and their role in keeping your home happy and healthy:

Insulation: Home insulation is like the second layer of skin for your house: it keeps the temperature regulated inside and stops the outside elements from getting in if they’ve gotten past your siding. When insulation becomes old or damaged, it’s not going to function at its full capacity, causing a loss of heat or AC during certain months of the year. An Inspector will be able to identify exactly what’s wrong with your current insulation and recommend new solutions that will increase your R-value (insulation rating).

Roofing: Your roof’s ability to shed water is Crucial, inspecting the inside and outside of your roof is one of the most important things you can do during an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection. Your roof is the binding point for much of your home and allowing breakdowns to occur within it can lead to major interior damage from leaks and holes. An Inspector will help you to identify any structural damage, weak spots or the need for patchwork, which can go a long way towards saving you from an impending disaster.

HEATING/COOLING Systems: Maintaining the right temperature in your home is as important as maintaining your own body temperature. Too hot and you could find yourself sitting in an uncomfortable sweatbox; too cold and you’re sure to shiver yourself sick! Heating/Cooling systems are comprised of many parts, all of which rely on each other to function seamlessly. When even one of these components breaks down or isn’t functioning at the right capacity, you could find yourself paying inflated utility costs and straining your heating or AC system all that much more.

Appliances: We rely on appliances every day of our lives, from washing machines to refrigerators. When our appliances start to age, it becomes important to check their status. You may be content with a washing machine that’s decades old, however what you might not be content with is the hugely overrated utility costs that come with it. What’s more, old appliances contain different chemicals that are used during their function—such as Freon in refrigeration units—which can cause harm to the environment if they’re left unchecked. (Included in every Inspection is a service called Recall Chek, The Inspector will record the manufacturer’s name and model number where visible of all your appliances. If there is a recall listed for your appliance Recall Chek will then issue a report including the nature of the recall, where the product was sold, and how to remedy the defect including how to get the item repaired or replaced absolutely FREE).

How Does it Benefit Me?

Annual Home Maintenance Inspections are a great investment that can help you maintain your home’s excellent condition, a benefit that you will see will shine through in a home that’s well equipped to function in the coming year.

You will receive a detailed report that outlines your home’s current condition helps bring focus on the areas that need to be improved and repaired immediately to ensure that you achieve the maximum service life from all the components in your home. This report can help you avoid serious damage, and Save You Money on Costly Repairs.

Annual Home maintenance Inspections help maintain a healthy and safe environment for your family

The Inspector will explain how your home operates, how to take care of it and answer any questions that you may have about maintaining your home.